Eight Days of Hypnosis

My mom and I will be fully submerged in the world of past lives and hypnosis for the next 8 days.  We will be attending seminars with Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

I had my first regression many, many years ago.  I was 13 years old when I read Brian Weiss’ book “Through Time Into Healing”.   In the book he describes different cases, the symptoms each client has, the past life recall which provided the answer to the different ailments and the cure that followed.   At the end of the book there was a script which a person could record on a tape (back then it was a tape 🙂 ), later play it and experience regression.  I was intrigued by the concept of healing through remembering past lives so I decided to make my own recording.  While doing the recording I was well aware that there is really nothing wrong with me – no phobias, no anxieties, no ailments but I was very curious and wanted to try.

Looking back it is very interesting that I did not question the concept of reincarnation even though it was not part of my upbringing and I even doubt it was ever discussed in my presence.   It just seemed so natural, no normal, as Voltaire says, “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once.”

It was a quiet afternoon during summer break when I had my first regression.  In an instant I was transported to the time of World War II and had the most vivid and absolutely indescribable experience.  It was a short but very emotional sequence of events that lead to my death.  Even now as I am writing my heart begins to pound as I remember the heart-wrenching scenes.  And then the moment of death came.  It was such a peaceful, loving moment that I want to share it with you.

Me, as the observer, as Rethnea, had risen above the commotion that was going on around the former person I was.  Everything was black around me — peaceful, eternal, quiet.  I was observing the scene below me when I saw how at the moment of death my soul lifted from that previous body and began moving upward.  There was a path of light and what looked like an entrance from which the light was emanating.  Next to the entrance was standing a beautiful being of light, waiting to welcome my soul.  I observed how my soul flew towards the light and a feeling of divine tranquility overcame me.  I came out of the regression knowing that death was not something to be feared.

Hypnosis offers the path to recalling past lives.  Because of stage performances at country fairs and TV shows people believe that hypnosis allows for mind control.  This is so far from the truth.  Hypnosis is focused concentration.  Each one of us has experienced hypnosis on so many occasions.  For example when we are driving and all of a sudden we find ourselves having reached a certain point in our trip without knowing how we got there – how we made all those left turns or stopped at traffic lights.  We were just on autopilot while our mind was completely focused on something else.  Hypnosis happens to us when we read and are so engulfed in the story and become part of it that we completely forget that our world is all around us.

There is no harm or danger in hypnosis.  And most importantly you are fully present throughout the whole experience and can get out of the meditative state at any moment if you choose.  Your analytical mind is working just like in your waking state and you can censor and not share with the therapist what you see.  You cannot get stuck in the past life because what you are experiencing is a memory.

I am a great advocate and a believer in using past lives to heal and to achieve a deeper comprehension.  I have gained precious insight into understanding myself and understanding why I am here.  We tend to reincarnate with people with whom we have shared previous lives.  Therefore, revisiting past lives provides a way to understand the connections you share with people and the lessons you are teaching each other.

Revisiting traumatic events in past lives magically does away with present-day aches and pains in your body or phobias and anxieties people have.  Another very important benefit of past-life therapy is that people realize that they are eternal and they loose their fear of dying.  This creates a whole new way of perceiving life and gives them a newfound sense of joy and liberation.

For me personally another added benefit is that I become very psychic.  I believe that all that focusing inward allows for my sixth sense (my intuition) to come forward and take center stage.  Living in the noisy, crowded and busy New York City my intuition gets muffled often, so being fully guided by my psychic senses is something I cherish and look forward to.

Some people wonder whether what they experience is real, whether what they see is an impressive product of their active imagination.  I do not believe it could be.  When one has a real past life recall they know it.  It feels real and meaningful and no one can convince you otherwise.  There is no authority which can confirm the authenticity of your experience, therefore, I cannot offer any hard evidence to those who doubt their regressions.  Yet, here is the beauty of it – It works even if you do not believe in it.  It really does.  Nothing can deceive your soul and when it experiences an authentic healing and a reminder of itself it knows.

I will be blogging from Omega over the next 8 days and will continue sharing with you the new discoveries that regression will lead me to.

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