Rethnea Finds Out Why She Picked the Wrong Winner for the the 2009 NCAA Championship

North Carolina won the 2009 NCAA championship and not Michigan State as I had thought.

As you know, I did my picks for the 2009 NCAA Championship after the second round was over and the teams competing at the third round were known.  With the exception of two mistakes I made up until the last game, I had correctly chartered the course of development of the championship.

If I knew that North Carolina and Michigan State would face each other at the final why did I not pick the correct winner?  There were so many variations and possible outcomes back when I did my picks and yet I was not deterred at any stage of the brackets.  Clearly I was in sync with my intuition.  But how could I have missed who the winner would be if I was already there?  It would seem so easy to yet again pick the team that would win as I have done at the previous rounds.  The only answer that I could think of was “I don’t know.”

I smiled to myself when I thought that now would be the time to flash that “get out of jail free card” and say “I really don’t know anything about sports.”   But that would be too easy and would defeat the whole purpose of using sports as a training exercise for my intuition.  I decided to meditate and see if that would help find the answer.  It was difficult at first to quiet down my mind.  When I finally did, I saw a picture of a stream of information waves and among them was the outcome, which was very subtle in terms of presence in the information waves.  And I knew that I was not tuned in enough, have not sharpened my senses enough and that I was like a radio which received the signal but also experienced static interferences.

Let me try to explain that.  The further into the future we go the smaller the certainty of any outcome becomes.  There is a certain level of predetermination but its course can always be altered by free will and therefore, there are infinite possibilities.  When I was doing my picks using my psychic feelings there were many possible outcomes.  It was easier to pick the ones closer in time because the beliefs and attitudes of the players, the environment around them was pretty much already set.  The presence of this information was denser in the information waves.  However, further in the championship the probable outcomes of the different games were becoming less and less certain if you think in terms of percentages.  And this is where I failed.  The probable future of who would get to the final game and win it was there as a possibility but needed to have a large number of events develop and choices be made before it could become almost inevitable.  At the time I did my picks that answer existed but was very subtle, fine, almost a vapor in the information waves.  I saw the two correct teams but what I lacked was the better tuning to catch the possible dynamic between them, to recognize the subtle probable answer in the information wave.

I was bothered by the question “why.”  If I have gone so far with my picks why did I stop short of picking the right winner?  However, after my meditation I was able to set my question aside because the answer I received somehow perfectly made sense to me.  I have to admit that there is something comforting in not needing to always be right from now on had I picked the right winner.  There is something comforting in knowing that there are still ways in which I can improve my psychic abilities.  Can you imagine a life devoid of wonderment, of desire to improve, of goals, of things to intrigue you and make you want to understand and to learn how to create more effectively?

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