Rethnea vs. Obama

I just learned that North Carolina defeated Villanova and will face Michigan State on Monday for the national NCAA title.  A bit earlier tonight Michigan State defeated UConn.  Wow! I am amazed at myself.  As you know I did a post in which I gave my picks for the NCAA championship.  And despite making two mistakes in my predictions I have done pretty well.  Now there is only one game left.

I feel that because President Obama picked North Carolina as the winner they received a huge energy boost and reached further in the championship than what they would have.  Obama created a huge lens through which the whole world was focusing on the North Carolina team, mostly out of curiosity and amusement.  All that energy got concentrated and the guys were feeding on it.  This is a fresh insight I can offer you on the reason why have progressed so far in the championship.  When I did my picks I was really just picking names, without having any understanding or insight.  However, back then I felt that there was a very strong reason why Michigan State will win the 2009 NCAA championship.  I felt that there is more of a karmic reason rather than because the guys will play well.  We need hope.  America needs hope.  And these men represent that.  They are a blue-collar team which comes from a blue-collar state that has been one of the symbols of the difficult economic times we as a nation have experienced.  These men know this subconsciously and they are not playing just to win.  They are playing for their fathers who have been laid off, they are playing for their mothers who are worried to sickness.  They are playing to inspire us, to uplift us, to show us that where there is a will, there is a way.  They are playing for all of us.  And they will win for all of us.

As I have mentioned to you before I do not follow sports and really do not know much of anything about sports.  That lack of knowledge has created the perfect space for me to use my intuition without being too concerned if I am right or wrong because if I am wrong in my predictions after all I have the best excuse there is — I am clueless as to sports.

Let’s see if my intuition is right when I predicted that Michigan State will be the 2009 NCAA champion.