Teach to Understand

During a regression, the client’s Higher Self shared that his lesson in this life is to develop his understanding.  To that end the Higher Self was encouraging the client to teach.  It said, “You have to teach to understand.

I love the wisdom in these words. I have found out that the more I share with people, the more I read and write on a certain idea the deeper my understanding becomes.  And my inquisitiveness and desire for a deeper understanding are always brought about by the things that are going on in my life.

Adopt the “teach to understand” approach as a conscious tool to help you further your own learning and growth.  When faced with changes meditate on the lessons.  Every situation is there to serve you.  Seek to understand what are the benefits that those challenges provide you with and then share those ideas with people.  The more you share the greater your insight will become.  Does the method of sharing matter?  No.  It could be through a story, through a song, through a poem, through a drawing or even a simple comment extended to a stranger.  What matters is that you give a voice to the wisdom welling inside you.  For we are all here to constantly inspire each other and by doing that uplift ourselves.