The Three Frogs

Once upon a time there were three frogs.  They were jumping around until all of a sudden all three felt into a well.  The frogs jumped trying to get out but they couldn’t – the well was very deep.  The frogs continued jumping and making noise.  Two other frogs heard the noise and came to see what is going on.  They leaned over the edge of the well and saw the three frogs inside jumping and trying to get out.  It did not look good and the two frogs told the jumping frogs to give up, “The well is too deep.  There is no use in trying.  You’d better give up.  Save your strength.”

“You are not going to succeed,” said the two frogs and went their way.

Two of the frogs that were in the well jumped a few more times, every time lower and lower.  They felt very discouraged and saw that the two frogs that were telling them not to jump were right.  There was no use in trying any more.

The third frog continued jumping.  It jumped and jumped.  It felt very strong.  It felt its legs pulsating with energy.  It felt that every new jump was bringing it higher and higher.  And all of a sudden it jumped so high that it reached above the well and landed on the ground.  It made it!

Why did the third frog succeeded while the other two did not?  The third frog was deaf!  When it saw the two frogs peaking over the edge of the well it though that they were saying, “Jump, jump higher.  You are going to make it!”

The third frog did not hear that there were limits to what it could do.  The third frog wanted to succeed and it saw the reflection of success in everyone and everything around it.

We create our life with our beliefs, our thoughts and the ways we choose to perceive everything around us.

It all starts with our thoughts.  Next, we project our expectations and our understanding of people, relationships, places and events on the outside world.  We send our energy out into the world. Then, from all events unfolding around us we pick to bring into our consciousness those which feel comfortable, which fit into our scheme of how things are, which resonate with our own energy.  And there we have it – a self-fulfilled prophecy! A vicious circle!  The world is just like we expected it to be! The confirmation we find only serves to strengthen our convictions that we “have it right.”   That is why the third frog found encouragement and support where everyone else found an insurmountable obstacle.

Today observe the way you think about yourself and about life.  Are your thoughts nurturing and supportive or are they expressing lack – lack of love, understanding, abundance or kindness?  Begin by noticing.  This initial step of becoming aware will open up a whole new way of seeing and understanding your life.

The story of the three frogs was told to me by my mom, who heard it from a friend.  To both ladies, thank you.  I am grateful to have heard this wonderful story from you and be able to share this great lesson.

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