VIP Day – Spend the day with me

John heard about me and my work and he instantly knew he had to meet me and work with me.
I was in Chicago. John was in Melbourne, Australia. The distance was not going to stop him. Time was of the essence. John wanted us to meet as soon as possible. And he wanted us to meet in person.It was right before Christmas. John reached out to us and everything quickly fell into place. The synchronicities were abundant.

Because he was coming from so far I offered that we spend a few days together. John was excited. The day after Christmas John and his wife were in Chicago. And our work began.

We spent 3 days together. Working for 6 or more hours a day together. I truly appreciated that I was able to work with both John and his wife because as a family they were going through John’s problems together. We did regressions, tapping, meditation, and spoke in depth how to change things.

We became very close and now I think of them as my Australian family. We were able to create so much change in their lives and release so much emotional baggage. They left Chicago feeling different people.

I loved going very deep and being very thorough with our work. And that is how the idea of a VIP Day was born.

We will spend 6 hours together digging deep and creating changes in your life. You can come to Chicago and we will do this in person. Or we can work together on Skype.Our focus will be exclusively on you — releasing the baggage of the past and creating a new life for you.

We will use all my tools — past life regression, coaching, tapping, meditation and you will feel and see the results.

I am offering a launch discount on this so act now. Email us at [email protected] for prices and more information.