A Dream Family Vacation

My mom was out to dinner with her dear friend Liz and Liz’ children Rob and Alice a few days ago.  They were enjoying themselves greatly and were having a wonderful time when Liz decided to tell them about a dream she had the night before.

“I had a dream that I was…”

“On a boat!” Rob interrupted and completed Liz’ sentence.  Liz was startled but decided to continue with the story.

“I dreamt that I…”

“You were throwing up!” Rob interrupted again.  This time Liz could not contain her disbelief.  She asked Rob how did he know.  Everyone was getting very animated and excited.

Then, Alice said: “I dreamt that I was water skiing towards a boat you were on and when I reached the boat you greeted me.”

“That is exactly what happened!” Liz exclaimed. “Do you remember how you were dressed?” she asked Alice.

“I was dressed in blue and had no life-vest on,” Alice replied.

Liz could not believe it, “That is how I saw you in my dream too! We must have been on a vacation in our dreams together!”

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