Aerial Photo Journey — New York to Chicago

I had the most stunning views on my trip from New York to Chicago. I want to invite you on this trip with me. Imagine the set up — It is December 31. It is a sunny day, albeit very cold. People are cheerful and in a friendly way wish one another “Happy New Year!” The expectation of the festivities is in the air.

I get on the plane. Window seat — my favorite. The plane, a Boeing 737 is brand new. Even the captain makes a comment to that in his announcement. Then he says something intriguing. On my side of the plane there will be some great views to be savored. I reach for my phone. I am ready. And off we go.

Manhattan … I recognize the landmark building. I can even see where I live!

Manhattan Aerial View


I love you NYC! I’ll be back soon.

And then the magic of the clouds begins.


Clouds over Lake Erie


It aways reminds me to have perspective when I travel through clouds. On the ground, the clouds cover the sun and you think of it as a cloudy day. But when in a plane you realize that above the clouds the sun is still shining. And it is still a sunny day.

Now take the clouds as a metaphor of the challenges in life. When troubles abound we only focus on them and call them difficult times. But if you change your perspective and rise higher you realize that all is well and there are still many blessings.




Clouds over Lake Erie


Clouds Over Lake Erie 3


Clouds Over Lake Erie 4


As I soak in the beauty of it all, I start musing over the speed of things.

It seems that the plane does not move very fast. I have been staring at the same thing down below for what seems like forever. This is a familiar feeling. A familiar frame of mind. I love speed. I love change. I love things moving and changing fast. And just like that thing down below that I am staring at, sometimes in life I feel like it is taking forever for any progress to be made.

As my spirit observes this train of thoughts it becomes amused with my mind.

I smile.

The thing down below drifts out of my sight.

We are moving fast even when it does not seem like it. It would take so much longer if I were walking, or rowing on the surface for the distance to be covered. We cover 790 miles, which would take 261 hours of walking in just 1 hour 49 minutes when flying. Oh, we are moving! Fast!

I gain a new perspective. A higher perspective. Even it is seems that conditions in my life are slow to move, a whole lot of internal, invisible things are shifting so that overall great progress is achieved quickly.

We are over Lake Michigan now.


Clouds Over Lake Michigan 1



Clouds Over Lake Michigan 2


Clouds Over Lake Michigan 3


The clouds drift out of sight.


Clouds Over Lake Michigan 4


And Chicago appears in the distance.


Aerial View of Chicago 1


Chicago is my kind of town … just not so much in the winter …

But even the 16 F (-9 C) degree weather could not stop me from coming home. The promise of New Year Eve festivities, a birthday celebration with my sweet nieces and the joy of attending a great wedding and rejoicing in love, all called me here.


Aerial View of Chicago 2


Welcome to Chicago. And Happy New Year!