Being at Omega

We arrived at the Omega Institute on Friday just as the sun was setting down.  I love this magical time of day as the day is shedding its garment of stress, being in a hurry and needing to accomplish things, and is getting ready to let the moon rays in and put on a mystical mantle of whispers, darkness that holds secrets and allows for dreams to come true.

Arriving at Omega felt like arriving at a camp that you have grown up visiting, where every spot holds a memory of an event that helped you grow up and shaped your life.  It felt like coming home after having been away for a long period of time – familiar, comforting and exciting.

I love everything about Omega.  I love the simple accommodations – they are a good reminder that a simple life is a life that is closer to nature.  I love the campus, the garden with its rows of vegetables and flowers.  I love that my cell phone has poor reception.  I love the simple yet delicious food.  (Tonight we had the tastiest tofu I had ever had in my life.   I wish I could find out the recipe so I could make it over and over at home).   I love eating on the lawn in front of the dining hall when I need solitude or sitting on a table outside and chatting with all kinds of interesting people.   I love how everyone who comes here leaves at the parking lot the protective layers we wear in the “real world” and becomes open, accepting and nice.  This place really is a magnet for good people.

As I write this I am sitting on the second floor of the library, marveling the black and white photos of close-ups of yoga posses and recognizing how powerful the human body is.  Have you ever been at a library where you take off your shoes at the front door?  Omega is a special place.

I am attending Brian Weiss’ workshop “Same Soul Many Bodies.”  Brian is a wonderful, wonderful person.  He exudes the energy of kindness and compassion.  One can hear his love for the work he does in his soft and melodic voice.  His jokes are great and they make for such good moments of relief and balance to the serious topic of reincarnation.  Having discovered a therapy approach that he is a leading advocate of, he does not take the ego position that he offers the one true path to healing, instead he is open to different interpretations, to incorporating new notions and allowing for new ideas to come in.  I think this is really admirable for it allows for growth and development.  Here is a story which he told us that exemplifies that he really keeps an open mind.

Prior to arriving at Omega, Brian was on an Alaska cruise organized by Hay House where he and other teachers conducted workshops.  At one of his workshops, Brian had a blind woman who was accompanied by her small white service dog.  As you know these dogs are very well trained and their actions are completely synchronized with the actions of their owner.  For those of you who have done regressions with Brian or have listened to his recordings know that he uses a slower method of induction, of reaching a deep hypnotic state.  When he is ready to lead people towards their past lives he offers the image of standing in front of a door and passing through the door in order to get to that experience.  After the regression was over this woman shared with Brian that throughout the entire lecture, all the way up until the moment of her standing in front of the door, the dog was very tranquil and sitting calmly by her side.  At the very moment she stood in front of the image of a door in her mind, preparing to cross over, the dog got up ready to leave with her, ready to lead her just like it would in every day life.

Isn’t it interesting?  The dog acted in a way it would have acted had she stood up getting ready to pass through a physical door.  This example questions whether what we are really experiencing is a memory or whether there is an aspect of regression that we do not comprehend with our limited sensors and our limited perception of reality.  And Brian Weiss had the open mind to recognize this.

I am enjoying my time at the workshop.  I am meeting people whose souls are so beautiful that I wish I had all the time in the world to get to know them better. I saw in a very vivid way the moment I was born. I also had a very meaningful past life recall that I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow.

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