Dialogue with Divinity with Johanna Carroll

CURIOUS ABOUT PAST LIVES?  Join Johanna Carroll, host of Dialogue with Divinity radio show on July 26, 2014 at 12PM PST and 3Pm EST, with international Past Life Regression expert Mira Kelley.  Mira is the author of the book “Beyond Past Lives“, has been on Oprah.com, and has shares the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Beyond Past Lives” published by Hay House which is available this July.  During this show, Mira will give us greater insight to the world of past lives, how it works and the value it can have on an individual basis.

Johanna Carroll says, “Mira is one of the sweetest ladies I know and I often refer to her as ‘sweet Mira’ so I am so happy she is going to join us on air.”

Please feel free to call in and have her answer your past lives questions anytime during the show at (646) 478-3549.

If you ever wanted to know how a past life affects your life today, this is a must listen program!

Listen to Johanna Carroll speak about this upcoming interview here.