Take Care of Yourself

A friend at work sent out an email to me and our colleagues saying that she is not feeling well and that she is leaving for the day to go to the ER.  I responded asking her to take good care of herself and sent her thoughts of health and feeling well.

A few days passed without a word from her, then, out of the blue she emailed me and said:

Thank you so much for sending me good vibes. I feel much better now. I was so relieved when the ER doctor told me it’s not a heart problem. I have to change my life style and eating habit to take good care of my stomach though. Thanks again for caring for me and sending your well wishes. 🙂

I was very glad to know that nothing really serious was going on with her and being who I am, I took this opportunity to encourage her a bit.  I asked her to think about what is going on this way:

What could be more wonderful than taking care of yourself?!  After all you do have only one body.  We live in a society where it is all about everyone else — taking care of things at work, taking care of our family and the people we love.  But when it comes to taking care of ourselves it is always though as something secondary, as something that needs to wait, as something we need to feel embarrassed that we do.

But if you do not take care of yourself, no one, even those who love you, will be able to do that for you.  Think of your body as a precious gift that you are given and all you have to do is nurture it and treat it special.

I am sure you can remember those moments when you felt good about the way your body felt.  We, women usually experience that when we are slimmer and have lost a few pounds, unfortunately.  In those moments you just felt like a million dollars, very confident and very happy.  Well, imagine feeling like that every day!  Treating yourself with attention and kind love will create a great feeling of appreciation of this temporary vehicle we were given.  You will experience the elating sense that you are moving through your day in a beautiful body filled with vitality and energy.

It may feel painful sometimes when you want candy or stuff that you know is not good for you.  However, all it takes is for you to say to yourself, “I love myself and I want to take good care of myself, so who cares about all this “poison” anyway, I prefer to have an orange, for example.”

Approach taking care of yourself with LOVE rather than with a feeling of being deprived and being a victim of a body that cannot handle every bad thing you dump into it.

See this as a choice between two perspectives, two ways of thinking.  The first one is through the eyes of a person who feels powerless and feels miserable and deprived of all these foods that he cannot have.  The second perspective is through the eyes of someone who has the power to choose and who from a position of power and love chooses to be kind to his body.

And the moment you make this tiny shift in your mind all the fear of being deprived will disperse like vapors because you have chosen to act from a higher vibration and you have aligned yourself with the feeling of love which is what really sustains us.”

Imagine my joy of having been of help when she replied:

“Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts with me. I was smiling when reading your email. Like you said, if I don’t take care of myself, no one can. As per my primary doctor’s instruction, I stopped drinking coffee for almost one week now. I thought I won’t survive without coffee, but well, I am still alive and seems doing better. I did feel a little bit being deprived at the beginning, but I can gradually tell the difference. The approach of thinking positively with love you suggested in your email is really, really helpful. I suddenly don’t feel so miserable about avoiding a lot of foods I loved before.”

Yes, it is all about loving yourself, my friends!

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