I AM are the two most powerful words you utter every day.  Every time you say “I AM” you define yourself.  You put color, meaning and contours to yourself.  You take yourself out of the ocean of infinite possibilities and give borders to your emotions, the things you like and dislike, the things you do and the things you want.  We hardly ever pause and examine the words we say after “I AM.”  But do this now and see what answers come to you when I ask you “Who are you?

Are the definitions of who you are based on events that are far removed from this moment in time? By habit and by ways of thinking about life that have been passed from generation to generation we believe that we need to define ourselves on the basis of what was.  But what was is no longer what is.  What was is already gone; it is history.  Your story does not define who you are right now.  The situations, people and circumstances you have encountered in life have given you understanding and helped you grow.  But on the basis of the understanding gained through your experiences you have shifted, you have grown, you have become and in this moment you are so much more than what you used to be.

The only moment that exists is this present moment.  And in this present moment do you continue to anchor yourself to notions you have already outgrown without even realizing it?  Or do you choose to open your sails and discover new lands? Every moment is a new moment.  In every moment you are given the blessing, the opportunity to choose yourself all over, to decide who you want to be.  Do not regurgitate old, worn-out believes about who you are.  Create a new you.  Create with passion and inspiration, knowing that the definitions you give yourself are the course, the map you follow to create the path forward.  You have came from where you were.  You know what the path behind you was so why would you like to continue trying to move forward with your head turned back and your eyes locked on what was?

Create yourself as the person who you choose to be now.  You have the right to choose to define yourself differently.   A change in the way you think about yourself and talk about yourself shows that you are growing and experiencing your existence from every point of view.  Do not anchor yourself to old definitions and paradigms that no longer serve you.  But spread your wings and fly with confidence that the universe will support you and allow you to experience the I AM you choose to be right now.  So, now, please answer this question again “Who are you?

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