Nourishing Our Spirit

Nourishing our spirit is just as important as nourishing our bodies.  In times of difficulties most of us find it easier to find comfort from our emotional storms in food rather than find the strength to go within and face our fears or reach out to people and receive the love and support we need.

I want to share with you a story about reconnecting to love to feed our spirit.

It was a beautiful morning at Omega and after having finished my breakfast I was walking to the area where we returned our empty dishes.  To get to that area I had to walk by the bread section of the dining hall.  I noticed how a woman who has prepared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was placing it in a plastic bag. I thought to myself that she must have planned for this and brought the plastic bag with her from home because there were none in the dining hall.  I continued on my way without thinking about this incident any further.

The next day during the early morning session of Brian Weiss’ seminar we did a regression that was very powerful.  I came out of it feeling completely tranquil and still inside.  I felt divine, complete and part of and in unison with our source.  We took a break and I went outside to stretch a little.  Walking towards me was the very same woman.  She was eating a sandwich.  Our eyes locked and I saw how uncomfortable and distraught she felt.

I stopped her and asked for her permission to hug her.  Even if it seemed weird to her that a stranger wanted to hug her us being Omega made it more acceptable.  She did not say anything, however, she allowed me to hug her.  As I was hugging her I took a few breaths.  I wanted to connect with her on a deep level and let her know that I recognize her spirit.  I felt her tension, fears and a great sense of insecurity. I was a channel of pure love and I felt that I was giving her the real nourishment she craved.  I was telepathically telling her that her beautiful soul is not alone, removed or separate from the divine; that she is surrounded, comforted and embraced by endless love from which her own spirit emerged and that she needs to trust her eternal self, allow her strength to come out and connect with her bliss.

Even though we did not say anything to each other I felt how her tightness was loosening and that she was opening up like a thirsty flower that has been watered.  I walked always saying, “Thank you” to her, experiencing gratitude for having been able to share the perfect love of our source.

I continued to slowly walk around basking in the amazing feeling that resided in me.  It was time for our class to begin again so I headed back.  Out of nowhere the same woman joined on my path a few steps ahead of me.  She did not seem to notice me but I did notice that her sandwich was exactly where it was when she and I had our moment of hugging meditation.  She did not finish it but she was also not ready to dispose of her reliable source of comfort.  Seeing the sandwich in its plastic bag gave me such a great feeling of satisfaction – sharing my love has touched her spirit.

We all know when we eat to escape and find comfort.  I am just as guilty as everyone else that is why I am making efforts to learning to be mindful of my own feelings, mindful of what my body tells me and mindful of the food in my life.  Next time you find yourself just mechanically putting food in your mouth please honestly ask yourself what is troubling you and what is the real answer that your spirit needs.  If it is a storm of insecurity that is raging inside you please do not dull your senses by inducing yourself in a food coma or give yourself a sugar rush.  Please try to meditate, work out, paint, garden or wash the dishes.  Do something that will occupy your mind with an activity that will allow the choppy waves of anxiety to calm down.  As the noise level in your head subsides you will return to faith and will recognize the solution.  And the answer invariably is always the same:  Be that which you desire in your life.

Connect to source and pull form the infinite abundance of the universe that which you lack by energetically matching to its vibration. If you feel threatened by the economic insecurity allow prosperity in your life, see yourself succeeding, attract people and circumstances which will further your dreams.  If you are lonely and cannot seem to find your soulmate extend the kindness, love and understanding you seek to your friends, family and everyone you come into contact with.

But most importantly recognize that you are a part of an infinite and loving energy source and your spirit needs to reconnect with its own beginning.  Finding the true ways to connect to that source provides your spirit the real nourishment it needs.

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