Regression Salon

Last night’s Regression Salon was fantastic!

K. emailed me after it and said, “Thank you so much for the salon today. It was amazing how everything had a thread to my regression today or the one I did with you earlier this year in your workshop in Los Angeles. I love how if one allows to be open to all the possibilities — that it’s all presented right there for you.  I look forward to doing more work in this way.”

Here is what E. said in his email, “I’ll be recommending the book to others even before I read it, mostly because I know from hearing the passion in your voice as you described your experience with John that it will be a great book to read and use. Hearing the experiences of the others that participated as well as your own recollections has been an exciting time, too, and I thank you again for making this available. I truly enjoyed it :-)”

Here are some of the highlights from the Regression Salon.



Register for the next Regression Salon and ask me your questions, share your regression experiences and hear inspiritng stories of healing and transformation. Yes, they the Salon is f-r-e-eee! It is one of my thank you gifts for purchasing my book Beyond Past Lives.

Join us for the next Salon. I look forward to see you there!