Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne passed away this morning. Hearing this made me reflect on something that she told me many years ago.

I had a reading with her. Most of what she said has slipped out of my mind with time but one thing continues to stand out. She said to me – “You need to write.” I was perplexed by that. Writing was not what I had in mind for myself. I did not consider myself creative and there was a discomfort in English not being my first language. The only writing I did back then was in my journal. I asked her what kind of writing I should be doing. She responded that it did not matter. The important thing was that I write.

I did not do any kind of writing (other than continuing to journal)  for many years after that. Yet, here I am today — My first book is scheduled for release in June 2014. And I am already writing my second book.

Please share with me your Sylvia Browne stories and let’s honor her light and spirit.