Good Riddance

New York celebrated Good Riddance Day this week.  In the middle of Times Square there was a shredder for people to shred the memories, feelings and habits they wrote about on a piece of paper.  There was also a sledgehammers for those items people wanted to smash into pieces and of course a dumpster to house it all when they were through with them.

Even though the video below is from the very first Good Riddance Day I wanted to show it to you because you can see the cleansing power of psychically destroying the things we no longer need.

Now it is your turn.  Cleanse yourself of the thoughts, addictions, feelings, memories, illnesses, habits, people, situations and everything else you do not want to carry into the new year.  Create your own ritual.  Write down on a piece of paper everything you want out of your life.  When writing really bring that feeling, that intent of being through with these things.  Say to yourself that they no longer serve you.  You have learned everything you could from them and now you are ready to release them and let them go.  This letting go will create a space in your life for new experiences that will nurture you and allow you to have the best life you want to have and be the best person you want to be.

Next, find a way to give these things you wrote about physically back to the Universe.  Tear them and throw them away, shred them or burn them.  The moment the piece of paper is gone you will experience a powerful feeling of lightness and of emptiness.

Now you are ready for a new beginning.

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