Write a Letter to Santa

When was the last time you wrote a letter to Santa? I just did!

In this video I share with you where the inspiration came from and how Santa wrote back!

After you watch the video, please comment below what are the things you listed in your letter to Santa!


Santa’s Address is:

Weihnachtsmann (Santa)
Weihnachtspostfiliale (Christmas Post Office)
Himmelpfort, Germany 16798

May all your wishes come true!


~ Full Transcript of the Video ~


Hello everyone, I am Mira Kelley, and I have to ask you a very important question. When was the last time you wrote a letter to Santa? I’m serious, when was the last time for you?


I know it’s been decades for some of you since you stopped believing in Santa. But I have to tell you, this Christmas, I wrote a letter to Santa.


And, and I have to, but I have to tell you, this Christmas, I wrote a letter to Santa.


Santa is such a magical fairytale, such a beautiful metaphor for the benevolent force in the universe that is cheering you on, that wants your fulfillment. That is supplying you and providing you with all that you need so that your dreams and desires can come into manifestation.


So, I was visiting with my mother and lo and behold, she received a letter from Santa. It was a response to a letter that she had sent him.


She, my mom, my mom runs a Bulgarian language school in Chicago. And she had found Santa’s mailing address, so what she gave her students was a home play for them to write a letter to Santa. They all loved it and she loved the idea just as much so she also wrote a letter and tucked her letter in the, in the pile as well.


And lo and behold, he responded and we were all so delighted. And that’s what prompted me to write my own letter to Santa.


So here is Santa’s address, and I want to encourage you to do just that.


If you have a child, engage them in the joy of it and write a letter to Santa together and if you don’t, and if you don’t want to post your letter in the mail, you can simply write a letter in your journal, and list all the things that you wish for, all the things that your heart desires.


And also, head over to mirakelley.com and right below this video, give me your thoughts, give me your wishes, share with me, “What is it that you wish for Santa to bring you?”


I am sending you all my love and may all your wishes come true.