What does a woman want?

I was just speaking with a man. And the topic was โ€” What does a woman want? Well โ€ฆ everything?!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And what will allow a woman to give a man everything? The secret is so simple. Make her feel safe and loved. Please notice the order. It is important โ€” first safe and...

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Money Fears Stopping Your Purpose?

Today I spoke with a woman who is searching for her purpose. She is an attorney who makes a comfortable and safe living. Yet, as she said, "it feels empty in my soul.โ€ She has strong communication and negotiating skills. She knows how to immediately get people to see...

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The New Moon Opens Up Your Purpose

These mystical times are here to support you to work on your purpose, on career, and on money. February 23 is a New Moon in Pisces. The New Moon in Pisces is best dedicated to our purpose in the cosmic seas. To align with the Divine and offer our work as a prayer to...

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